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Selecting The Right Ice Vest

The decision to buy an ice vest is important. You want it to last and you want it to work for you. Otherwise, it is just a waste of your money and it will be collecting dust somewhere in the house. When you put plenty of thought into what you buy, it quickly becomes an item you use often when it is hot outside and when you are exercising.

The amount of time an ice vest will stay cool depends on the brand and the model. The majority of them have a span of about 2 hours. Don't buy one that can't offer that amount of time at least. Some of them can offer up to 4 hours so if you need one to be outside for a longer period of time, it makes sense to get that added timeframe.

How long will it take to recharge it to full cooling status? That is very important to look at too! Many of them can fully recharge in as little as 20 minutes in a freezer. Others will take about an hour. There are other ways to recharge too such as a large bucket of ice water if you aren't close to home and the convenience of a freezer.

You want an ice vest made from very good materials. It should offer outer mesh that is breathable as well as offer you an inner lining. The gel is found between the two layers so you need to feel confident it won't leak out. The casing around the gel should be strong and durable. The materials should also be fire resistant.

You don't want to be uncomfortable in an ice vest, so find one that is lightweight and fits well. Most of them are around 2 or 3 pounds. Don't buy one that is more than 4 pounds. The lighter it is, the more comfortable you will feel wearing it. You need to get the right size too. Measure the chest area to get the right size. They are sold in child sizes starting at 23 inches for the chest up to 32 inches.

The adult sizes start at 33 inches around the chest and can be as large as 50 inches. For someone that is larger than that, there are some entities that will create a customized order for you. Some of them are made from flexible material that moves with the body. This is perfect if you will be engaging in lots of physical movements while you are wearing the ice vest.

Look for a product with adjustable capabilities. This will allow you to adjust it around the waist and the shoulders. You want it to be securely in place when you wear it but not so tight you feel uncomfortable. You may need to make adjustments when you wear it based on the other clothing you wear with it. These adjustments should be fast and easy for you to make. The overall cost of an ice vest will depend on what you purchase. They range from about $150 to $300. Get Ice Vest from csv. You have read, Selecting The Right Ice Vest.
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